3rd International Conference on Green Development and Environmental Science and Technology (ICGDE 2022)
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Assoc. Prof. Muhammad Tayyab Sohail

Faculty of Public Administration, Xiangtan University

Research area: 

Sustainable Development

Research experience:

Dr. Muhammad Tayyab Sohail is an alumnus of School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University Shaanxi, China and Where I completed my second postdoctoral (2018-2020) and School of Public Administration China University of Geosciences Wuhan, Where I completed my first postdoctoral (2015-2017) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management from Sep, 2013 to July, 2015. I earned my bachelor's degree and Master’s degree from University of Punjab, Lahore Pakistan, I spent eight years in China in this period I have experience of teaching and research in the different organizations of China. I have been working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Government and Public Policy at National Defence University, Islamabad Pakistan and in Department of Management at National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA&E), Lahore. These days I am working in School of Public Administration, Xiangtan University Hunan China as an Associate Professor. Moreover, I am HEC approved PhD supervisor. I involved myself in teaching and research few years ago, now these professionals are part of my life. I derive motivation from my students’ achievement not only in their academic and professional careers but also as a successful human being. Being a teacher it’s not only to disseminate knowledge among students but I always tried to make them good human being and patriot citizen. I always try to answer their query through different channels of social media to have a healthy and friendly relation with students, I believe it creates sense of confidence in students. Basically, I am research student and learning new things is my passion. I completed my PhD from China University of Geosciences Hubei Wuhan, during my doctorate study I worked on Indo-Pak historical clashes especially water disputes and its impact on contemporary relation. I have two years experiences to work as a postdoctoral scholar in School of Public Administration, China University of Geosciences Hubei Wuhan. During these two years stay in China I had experience of research in different areas like urbanization, water contamination and environmental related issues.  My area of specialization is Administration Studies. Therefore, my areas of interest are Public Administration, Public Policy, Land Policy, Management Studies, Principal of Management, Land Resources Management, Water Resources Management, Environmental Studies (commodity history, labor and environment); History Resources Management. I won one research grant from Higher Education Commission Pakistan, I said project I worked on land cover change in Capital city of Pakistan Islamabad and its impacts on underground water.

Title: Exploring the drinking water quality and linked health risks Assessment in metropolis 


Water is the basic need of human being with no substitute of it. The present study was based on public awareness toward water quality and real situation of water quality of filtration plants in Islamabad. A questionnaire was designed with the help existing literature about public awareness on water quality. In present study 450 completed questionnaire were collected and analyze with help of statistical tools. Most respondents felt they were well aware 61.1% about water quality water of filtration water plants and bout 40.2% gave attention to water quality. Only 46.4% of respondents were satisfied toward water quality, and 17.1% were highly satisfied and 36.4% were totally unsatisfied and it must be concerning point for relevant authorities. The profit model method was used for the aspects related with public’ awareness about water quality. Among all explanatory determinants were significant with water quality, gender (p-value of 0.01 and coefficient of 0.137), age (p-value of 0.013 and coefficient of -0.058) and educational level of public (with p-value 0.025 and coefficient 0.081). To investigate the real situation of water quality in study area 32 samples were analyzed from installed filtration plants. The results presented that electrical arsenic, conductivity (EC) and alkalinity were higher and 26 samples were found unsafe for drinking under poor water quality (WQI > 100). Hazard index of arsenic was found < 1 in adults (7.03E+01) and children (1.06E+02) at Islamabad. To check the Microbiological situation were included as well for health risk assessment. There is a need of comprehensive management for the sustainability of filtration plants. Public satisfaction can be enhanced by dissemination the significant importance of water quality in annual government report to the public via local social media, print media, and television.

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Prof. Arash Gharibi

Samarkand State University / Aerosol and Environmental Science

Research area: 

Aerosol and Environmental Science

Research experience:

Professor Arash Gharibi carried out teaching and research on bio-photonic and aerosol science at Lund University (LU), Zhejiang University (ZJU), China University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), China, and Shanxi Normal University (SXNU), China. Currently, he is the head of the Aerosol and Environmental Science (AAEC) team at Samarkand State University (Samdu), Uzbekistan. He was awarded his first guest professor title in physics 2010 from University of shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) in Shanghai, China and his second guest professor title in physics 2013 from Shanxi Normal University (SXNU) in Linfen , China.

Title: How close are we to reaching the speed of 100,000 km/h and beyond by tapping into auniversal energy field?


Observation of bird behavior gave human beings aviation ability and hence the ability to build the airplane. As a result, we could cease using animals (horses and donkeys) as a transportation means. The maximum speed of 7000 km/h is achieved acquiring aviation technology.

Now, observation of the planet Earth can reveal the techniques that are responsible for the movement that we are looking for.

Traveling at a greater speed than light can be achieved using the universal energy field, hence the dream of interstellar travel will come true.


Prof. M.Shahidul Islam

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering  

Research area: 

Operations Research in Engineering for Achieving Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Research experience:

The professional career path of Shahidul Islam is industrial and manufacturing engineering, which involve teaching, research and consultancy relating to designing machinery manufacturing, process engineering of water treatment, renewable energy and resource recovery from wastes. He provides the directions to optimize plant machinery operations and maintenance on the basis of industrial operations research. He is specialized in industrial environmental engineering relating to resource recovery from waste including potable water production wastewater by using [WtR] model; and energy generation from waste biomass by using [WtE] model. 

The engineering career has started in1986 soon after his graduation in Mechanical Engineering. The major outputs of his career are the successful completion over 15 industrial projects, 28 industrial consultancy works, and 12 technical studies on his field. The major industrial stakeholders rendered engineering services from Shahidul Islam include Sarawak Hidro Power Plant (2400 MW), Bangladesh Combined Cycle Power plant (90 MW), SK&F pharmaceuticals, Youth Group of Industries, Techno- Food. Prof Shahidul Islam has produced a numbers graduates (M.Sc and PhD), a significant number of final year projects, two books, and a book chapters. His contributions to Engineering have published over 80 referred Journals. He presented 11 keynotes as invited guest. 

Prof. Shahidul Islam has received several recognitions for his contributions to the field of engineering; include: Gold Metals in 2010 (Malaysia), 2014 (Malaysia), 2015(Germany) and 2017(Malaysia); Blockbuster Translational Researcher in Malaysia in 2017; Best research paper writing in 2014; Excellent academic performance in 2015; Excellent research performance in 2016; Commercialization of research products in 2016, 2017 and 2018.